Winter 2011

Interview with Wu Ming 1

As I’m with the Bears, a collection of short stories from a damaged planet, is published, I interviewed Wu Ming 1 about his contribution, climate activism, the occupy movement and the mystery why writers on the left still do not publish under copyleft or creative commons.

The Assault on Universities: A Conversation

A conversation with teacher and activist Nina Power, Co-Editor Michael Bailey and independent researcher Andrew McGettigan.

Interview – White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race

I interview the editors of White Riot:Punk Rock and the Politics of Race, Stephen Duncombe and Maxwell Tremblay.

Summer 2011

   Interview with McKenzie Wark

Whilst suitably engaged in Guy Debord’s boardgame The Game of War at Houseman’s Bookshop, author McKenzie Wark talked with me about his new book, The Beach Beneath the Street, revisiting the Situationists and their legacy.

Return of the Public?
Interview with Dan Hind

The public may well have made its return to the political stage but the real question is whether it can come back in its own right rather than as the docile invention of a financial elite?

Spring 2011

Interview with filmmaker Brandon Jourdan

I met Brandon Jourdan at a convergence space in London the day before the March 26th protests against public spending cuts. He is an award-winning independent filmmaker, journalist and writer currently based in the Netherlands, where he is working on a film about reactions to the financial crisis. After the march, we met up again to talk about his current film project.

Working Theory
Interview with a Plane Stupid Activist

On 1st March 2010, after a successful campaign to stop airport expansion at Heathrow, a group of activists swooped on a abandoned market garden near the airport. They transformed the site into a community garden and created a space to build local resistance and resilience.

High Practice
Interview with David Graeber

Is it possible to speak of the activist and the academic as the same person? What can be done to revive the relationship between critical thought and practice? The emergence of the alter-globalization movement has provoked some interesting responses to these questions.


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